Free standing signs offer good visibility from the street. They can be tall or short, made of wood, metal or plastic and illuminated. Signs can be installed on posts, poles or edifices made of stone, brick or concrete. Please see our electric sign section for more examples.

Muliple panel electric pole sign

Free standing illuminated sign with multiple panels

Free standing signs illuminated on pole

Free standing electrical pole sign

Memorial sign with photographs printed on metal

Memorial sign with photographs printed on metal

Housing development highway sigh

Wooden highway sign on posts

Decorative poles for chiropractic free standing sign

Uniquely shaped, free standing sign

Rectangular sign with hidden poles

Contemporary corporate identity sign

Sign for church on two metal poles

Tall, lighted, metal pole sign

Hospital directional sign, free standing signs

Illuminated directional sign with metal posts

Apartment complex sign on wooden structure

Sandblasted panel on cedar structure

Housing development sign on brick pedestal

Metal sign incorporated into custom brick wall