Layers of depth create interest and create a unique and attractive departure from flat signs. Dimensional signs can be carved, sandblasted and layered. Please visit our gold leaf page to see more signs featuring gold leaf.

Gold leaf, carved sign made of durable plastic

Carved dimensional sign with gold leaf

Durable sign foam layered and sandblasted

Sandblasted sign foam

Three dimensional handmade letters in metallic silver

Hand carved 3D letters

Sandblasted sign with custom script

Sandblasted, dimensional sign

Deeply sandblasted wooden sign

Sandblasted sign

Simple sandblasted sign

Sandblasted wooden sign

Fancy, detailed carved sign with with gold leaf and hand lettered script

Carved sign with glass rondelles and multiple depths

Free-standing sign with hand carved mountains

Hand carved and layered panels

House number sign panel

Ceramic tile on layered frame

Sign foam with incised lettering, carved to resemble sandblasted wood

Carved and layered durable sign foam

Sculpted and gilded shamrock on sand blasted sign

Hand sculpted, sandblasted sign

Uniquely shaped hours sign

Sandblasted, hand painted, wooden sign

Tenant sign

Multiple overlay panels

Individual letters on stucco sign

Stucco sign with cut out graphics