A custom plaque is traditionally cast in bronze or aluminum, but personalized plaques can also be uniquely shaped and designed, including photo images. Other methods, such as etching on brass, can be used to identify, inform or commemorate. Please visit our painted sign page for more examples of hand painted plaques.

Cast bronze memorial plaque

Heavy duty, commemorative bronze plaques

Bridge identification plaque in cast bronze

Cast bronze plaques

Detailed, custom made plaque with hand carving

Hand carved, gold leaf sign

Commemorative custom made plaque

Hand lettered, carved, gold leaf anniversary plaque

Antique car informational panel

Plaque with metal ornaments attached for an antique auto

Metal building identification

Interior or exterior metal plaques

Hand lettered, gold leaf, business panel for an attorney

Hand painted gold leaf wall panel

Wooden sandblasted personal gift sign

Sandblasted wooden gift plaques